Android Debugging with JDB and TextMate

For android development I do my best to avoid Eclipse by using TextMate and the command line. The biggest missing piece with this setup was an easy way to get a debugger up and running. A quick trip to Google landed me on Command Line Android Development: Debugging which outlines how to get jdb attached […]

You are not your home directory. You are not the contents of your source repository. You are not your farking editor. You are the all-singing, all-dancing self-replicating code of the universe. And you are shutting down, one day at a time. – Comment by reddit user grout_nasa

With Our Powers Combined

My friend and colleague, Dan, posted a picture of his officemates. Here’s the GMT-8 team1 which calls my office home: Team members starting in the bottom left-hand corner and going clockwise: Apple iPad 2, HP TouchPad (dual boots to Android Honeycomb), BlackBerry PlayBook, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 4S, HTC Something-Or-Other running Android Gingerbread (i […]

I write code

I have never labeled myself a programmer. As one who has learned the craft via the omnipotent Google search box and the sharing of open source codes, I have always felt that I have yet to venture through the initiation rite that I am told consists of reading The Dragon Book and K&R, and building […]