The number of people walking around Disneyland® with $200.00 plastic light swords is too damn high!

Correction: I have been told the handles are made of metal materials. Sentiment still stands.


Hello, You Have Recently Written a Long Form Article Using Gutenberg

Please use the number that best indicates your pain level.


It could always be worse.


Slack Geekbot Lifehack

Mark yourself as away and Geekbot never bothers you.


Dryer Outage Postmortem

Seattle, Washington. Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 the Collins household discovered the control panel of the LG DLE2516W did not respond to button pushes.

DuckDuckGo was consulted. LG support provides troubleshooting steps.

  • Unplug unit.
  • Press & hold power button for 5 seconds.
  • Press & hold start button for 5 seconds.
  • Plug in unit.

Instructions were followed with no change in behavior. Unit still unresponsive.

Household administrator researches potential fixes. Likely culprits:

  • Circuit tripped at circuit breaker.
  • Faulty door switch.
  • Blown high temperature fuse in heater.

Multimeter is not on premises. Multimeter, door switch, and high temperature fuse purchased from

Thursday, December 12th, 2019. Door switch arrives. Replaced on unit. No change. Collins leave on trip to Portland, Oregon.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019. Multimeter and fuse arrive. High voltage outlet and unit power supply measure 240v.

To access high temperature fuse entire unit must be disassembled.

Unit disassembled. Multimeter finds fuse to be in working order. Replaced anyway. Ducts inspected and reveal no blockage.

Unit reassembled. Control board lights up when power button pressed. When start is pressed a relay clicks but motor does not engage (queue Picard).

Unit disassembled. Previous reassembly found to be performed by incompetent technician. Assembler received cursing. Curser and cursee roles were fulfilled by the same person.

Unit reassembled. Powers on. Motor starts.

There was much rejoicing.

Steps to prevent future outages: clean the lint from the filter.


Dead Calm on the Strait


Sunrise at Lopez Island

Getting up early to prepare to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


Guérilla Marketing

Time to try Pho Tran on The Ave.


Poulsbo Viking Fest

Tracked route from Shilsole to Poulsbo and back.

After some back and forth about the weather we decided to shove off and sail to Poulsbo for the Viking Fest.

Ballard does its own festival but we thought we’d up the ante by sailing from one Norwegian festival to another.

We left the dock just before noon and arrived in Poulsbo at 14:05.

To guarantee we’d arrive for the festivities we motored the whole way there. In the channels Nirvana goes just over 6 knots with the 9.9hp motor opened up. We had the current at our stern as we entered Agate Pass and reached 10.2 knots over ground.

We all watched the parade as it marched through the main street of Poulsbo. From what I can tell it’s a town proud if its Viking heritage, outdoors kids clubs, high school marching bands, and beauty pageant winners.

On the return trip I hoisted the sails at Point Bolin and got a couple tacks in before motoring back through Agate pass. We were leaving Madison Bay as the sun was setting so we dropped the sails and motored back to help keep the passengers from being out in too cold of an evening.

The winds really picked up as we crossed the Puget Sound and would have made for a fun crossing under sail.

Well over 4 hours on the water to log towards the captain’s license!


Harmony Amphitheater

Harmony Amphitheater with Finn.


Screen Time

I am living proof that a childhood filled with hours in front of a screen can still lead to being a successful adult.

The last doctor visit I went to with my then 4 year-old child one of the important medical advices she bestowed to me was to limit screen time. Ideally to zero.

I bet she could feel the shockwaves of my imaginary eye-roll.

I think my only concern is that if my kid is in front of a screen I’d rather they were playing a video game and not watching a TV show.

The only thing better than letting your kid play video games is to play video games with them.