Ebay is still useful. I have a hand-me-down Sony Alpha that has a busted battery door. It finally stopped holding the battery in all together. I was able to find a replacement part for $39. Installed and as good as new.

Brothers, a Tale of Two Sons

We played Brothers as a family over the past few evenings. I don’t think I’ve ever been moved by a video game like this. It’s quite brilliant. You play two characters simultaneously during the game. Two brothers on a journey to find a way to heal their sick father. The controls take a little getting […]


I have been learning French via Duolingo and Pimsleur audio lessons. I am halfway through the fourth Pimsleur course and have been doing just about one lesson a day like they prescribe. That puts me at about 145 lessons.
 I started to watch a movie in French. It opened with some women talking to each […]


After my third annual attempt to switch to Dvorak it has finally “stuck”. By “stuck” I mean I’m stuck in Dvorak because I’ve screwed up my Qwerty so bad that I can’t switch back and be productive. At this point I think it’s mostly a geek status thing since there’s no hard evidence there’s any […]