Accidental Watch Enthusiast

The watch had been hanging there under the glass for just about a year. It was given to me the Christmas before by grandpa. It belonged to his father before him.

He told me he had it serviced once and it had worked but it does not wind anymore and certainly does not run. I unscrewed the glass and fiddled with the case but became anxious at the thought of breaking it so I placed it back in the display case. It remained there on the fireplace mantle with its pointing at ten past two.

I was never one to wear a watch. I signed up for my first cell phone when I was eighteen so always had a timekeeping device in my pocket. With Apple getting into the watch business I decided I would see if I could handle wearing a watch everyday so I bought a Timex Weekender. It looked nice and was cheap. I even fashioned my own watch strap out of some leather scraps.

I found that I quiet liked wearing a watch after all. The biggest benefit I found was that I took my phone out less which meant I used Twitter and Instagram less. I soon silenced all notifications on my phone which was also freeing.

Who would have thought that strapping the time to my wrist would free it up.

I pulled the pocket watch back off the mantle and started fiddling with it again.

I could just about get the movement to swing on the case hinge and maybe get a look inside. The stem the crown was on was preventing it from moving any further. I wanted to get inside this watch!

It was time to apply force. I gripped the case in one hand, grabbed the crown with my fingers and yanked.


The crown moved a little. The movement swung out and I caught my first glance behind the white, enameled face.

It was beautiful. I couldn’t look away. The tiny gems and gears intricately placed between polished metal pieces.

Trademark Ball Watch Company

21 Jewels

Sapphire Pallets

My new mission in life is to get this watch ticking again.