Poulsbo Viking Fest

Tracked route from Shilsole to Poulsbo and back.

After some back and forth about the weather we decided to shove off and sail to Poulsbo for the Viking Fest.

Ballard does its own festival but we thought we’d up the ante by sailing from one Norwegian festival to another.

We left the dock just before noon and arrived in Poulsbo at 14:05.

To guarantee we’d arrive for the festivities we motored the whole way there. In the channels Nirvana goes just over 6 knots with the 9.9hp motor opened up. We had the current at our stern as we entered Agate Pass and reached 10.2 knots over ground.

We all watched the parade as it marched through the main street of Poulsbo. From what I can tell it’s a town proud if its Viking heritage, outdoors kids clubs, high school marching bands, and beauty pageant winners.

On the return trip I hoisted the sails at Point Bolin and got a couple tacks in before motoring back through Agate pass. We were leaving Madison Bay as the sun was setting so we dropped the sails and motored back to help keep the passengers from being out in too cold of an evening.

The winds really picked up as we crossed the Puget Sound and would have made for a fun crossing under sail.

Well over 4 hours on the water to log towards the captain’s license!


Sail Maintenance

Nirvana’s sails have seen better days. Today I pulled down the headsail so I could patch up the sailcover.

Nirvana’s headsail on the kitchen table.

I think it’s seen just a little too much UV and the threads were starting to go.

I did what I could with the household Singer but couldn’t get everything finished before I broke all the needles.

To finish up the rest I used the Speedy Stitcher which managed to punch through the thicker parts of the sail.

It’s not beautiful but the sail cover won’t be flapping in the wind and I was able to give it a good scrub. This should last another season.

Next on the list is the outboard carbeurator.