Date 2018-12-27 Departure Time 12:15 Location Shilshole Bay Crew David, Markus, Oliver and Beau Oliver and I arrived early to prep the boat. The deck and hardware had gotten a bit green so we did a bit of scrubbing. When David and Mark arrived we dropped the outboard in and warmed it up. Took two […]

Sail Maintenance

Nirvana’s sails have seen better days. Today I pulled down the headsail so I could patch up the sailcover. I think it’s seen just a little too much UV and the threads were starting to go. I did what I could with the household Singer but couldn’t get everything finished before I broke all the […]

Mainsail Tear

On the last sail I saw a tear in the leech of the mainsail I hadn’t noticed before. It follows the top edge of one of the batten pockets. It looks like this batten pocket has been ripped and sewn back on. There was a temporary piece of nylon tape holding it together. I ordered some […]

Sailing Reading Material

I hope to be taking some multi-day cruising adventures so I’ve been diving into books. Plain Sailing by Dallas Murphy If you’ve already had your first sail in a dinghy this book has been great in going past “the basics” when it comes to sail trim and points of sail. I really enjoyed Plain Sailing and it […]

Achieving Nirvana

My name is now on the title of a Clark Boat’s San Juan 7.7 Bermuda rigged fractional sloop named Nirvana. As a proud boat owner I now get to fix all the broken things on it. Maybe I’ll even sail it! I hope this is the beginning of some grand adventures in the Salish Sea.